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Gregory Essayan

With Sir Anthony Hopkins in front of one of my panoramic pieces at the Las Vegas gallery where we both showed our work.

Gregory Essayan - Anthony Hopkins

With Sir Anthony Hopkins and one of his paintings at the Las Vegas gallery where we both showed our work. 

Gregory Essayan - David Brookover

With David Brookover at his beautiful Brookover Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Gregory Essayan

Signing an archival pigment print of "Dawn at Accademia". 

Gregory Essayan - Clyde Butcher
Gregory Essayan

January in the Tetons... -21F

Gregory Essayan Fiat 500 Night

Small Car..... Big Camera ;-D- Tuscany, February, 2020.

Gregory Essayan

Composed and waiting for the perfect light roadside near San Quirico D'orcia, Italy

Gregory Essayan - Tuscany - Italy

Tuscany, Italy, February, 2020. 

Gregory Essayan

Overlooking the Giudecca, Venice, Italy.

Gregory Essayan

A room with a view, Venice, Italy.

Gregory Essayan - Tourists Venice Italy

Venice on February 22nd 2020. Pandemic? What Pandemic?

Gregory Essayan

In Venice, Italy the day before returning to the US due to the COVID pandemic.

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